At Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) 2017

Such a great week I had in Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), it was such a great honor and experience being at the Jury this year. I met a lot of interesting and talented people. Especially my colleagues at the Young Animation Jury Benjamin Swiczinsky and Delphine Maury, your company was such an honor, I enjoyed every second I spent with you!

Many thanks to Ulrich Wegenast for the invitation and placing his trust in me and special thanks to Eva Antonia Hahn for taking extra care of us and organizing our program.

Also I was really happy to meet my pals Kevork Mourad, Fadi 'Akbaş' Syriani and Anas Muhammed as well as Fabian Driehorst, Michael Schwertel,Karsten Matern, Ahmad Saleh, Cathy de Haan, Karin Schyle and Ron Diamond, and especially Ant One whom I didn't see in almost 6 years!