FOUR ACTS FOR SYRIA - Trailer | أربع فصول من أجل سوريا - تريلر

I am delighted to share with you the trailer of our film "Four Acts for Syria".

The Syrian history has been multicultural for centuries. This story is a voyage through Syrian culture until today’s insanity, trying to find hope for the Syrian people.

An AMBROSIA FILM production.
Written and directed by: Waref Abu Quba and Kevork Mourad.
Illustration and artwork by: Kevork Mourad.
Animation and final Edit: Waref Abu Quba.
Poem Written and recited by: Raed Wahesh
Music by: Kinan Azmeh and Zulal Trio.
Sponsored by: Robert Bosch Stiftung and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.