Four Acts for Syria (2019)

"Syrian history has been multicultural for centuries. This story is a voyage through Syrian culture until today’s insanity, trying to find hope for the Syrian people."




This film was made for the "Große Darmstädter Gespräche 2017", for Staatstheater Darmstadt. In this film, we portray people from Darmstadt that tell us about their everyday lives: the neighbor, the postman, the cashier in the supermarket ... Concept: Roman Schmitz, Daniel Sax, Waref Abu Quba Interviewer: Roman Schmitz Camera and sound: Daniel Sax Subtitle: Ludwig Bauer Director, B-Roll and Edit: Waref Abu Quba Produced by: Staatstheater Darmstadt © 2017 All interviews were shot on location in Staatstheater Darmstadt.

Wadi Al Nasara (2016)

Wadi al-Nasara, which means "Valley of Christians", is an area in western Syria. Most people in the area are Eastern Orthodox Christians.
All footage was shot on location in 2010, edited for the screen in 2016.

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (City, Light & Movement) (2016)

Is an experimental / artistic film, which handles three concepts in three chapters; the city, the light and the movement in an experimental manner. The film uses the city of Darmstadt as the background for the scenery. 

In Damascus (2014)

Is a film about Damascus, an 11,000 years old city, the most ancient & precious of cities, set to the poetry of the world famous Palestinian poet / author Mahmoud Darwish.

Self Imprisonment (2014)

A strayed man on a deserted place looking for shelter and he faces the strangest coincidence. 

Silent Thoughts (2009) / Remastered (2016)

An old man stuck in a vicious loop trying to write.

To This Day (2013)

A short animation clip that I did as a participation in the international project "To This Day".

Transition (2015)

A short experimental film done for Imago Mundi Art's collection "Syria Off Frame".
The assignment was to do a 1 minute experimental film, using only the mobile phone camera, and doing it in one shot with no cut or edit.

H²O (2015)

"Find Your Center" A short experimental film.